WATCH: AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem Reads Whistleblower’s Email Dated 11/10/2020 Disclosing Plot By Dems To “Embed” Thousands of Fraudulent Votes Into Pima County’s Election

Members of the Arizona Legislature met yesterday near Tucson, Arizona, to hold a public hearing on election integrity in Pima County. The panel desired to “receive evidence and testimony that could serve to prove or disprove alleged discrepancies in the 2020 General Election.”

The Gateway Pundit reported on some of the major findings, including Third World voter registration numbers, a frat house with “voters” averaging 45 years of age, and 172 ballots that came from the same address.

The Gateway Pundit also reported that two precincts in Pima County had over 100% turnout for mail-in ballots and 40 precincts had over 97% returned.

This strange anomaly can be explained by an email that Rep. Mark Finchem read to the audience, alleging a plot by Democratic officials to insert 35,000 fraudulent votes into the Pima County 2020 Election.

In October, Finchem spoke at President Trump’s Save America Rally in Des Moines, Iowa where he hinted at this finding.

Yesterday, Rep. Finchem read the evidence out loud. The IP address that this email was sent from has been identified as a computer in Tucson, Arizona.

Finchem: On November 10th of 2020, we received an email that was actually included in some of the testimony and evidence from the November 30th hearing, last year in Maricopa County. It’s important for me to read the email in its entirety because that is what sets the stage for what is happening over the last 10 months, the investigation that we have engaged in, private sourcing, a few legislators, and pulling public records and records we could get access to. This email is, as I said, dated November 10th, and it is addressed to the criminal division at the U.S. Department of Justice.

This is anonymous reporting and I do not want to be included in this investigation. Thank you.

Please be advised the Pima County Recorder, located at 240 N. Stone Avenue in Tucson, Arizona, 85701 in Pima County, Arizona, and the Democrat Party added fraud votes. In the initial count of the vote by mail (VBM) totals released at 8 pm on November 3, 2020, There are approximately 35,000 fraud votes added to each Democrat candidates’ vote totals. Candidates impacted include County, State, and Federal Election candidates. Through the utilization of the automated ballot count machines in Pima County Elections, My understanding is that 35,000 was embedded into each Democrat candidates’ total votes. Below are the meeting notes.

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