Mark’s Priorities

Mark Finchem is running for the Arizona Senate to secure the rights and protections for the People.

Counter Judicial Overreach

Judicial tyranny, where courts overstep their bounds, undermines our democracy. I support measures to ensure checks and balances, preventing any one branch from usurping power. By fostering a judicial system that adheres strictly to its constitutionally defined role, we can maintain the delicate balance of our democratic institutions.

Protecting Water and Property Rights

I support protecting land and water property rights from government intrusion and overreach. They are essential to safeguard individual liberties and promote personal responsibility. Limited government interference ensures that property owners can make autonomous decisions, fosters economic prosperity through private investment, and encourages environmental conservation by allowing responsible stewardship of natural resources.

Back The Blue

As a retired police officer, I stand with law enforcement. Let’s give our officers the resources, equipment, and personnel to keep every Arizonan safe. They consistently risk their lives for our protection and deserve our unwavering support.

More Jobs, Less Taxes

As your State Senator, I’ll work to bring new business here to the district and create more jobs by cutting back regulations and making it easier for businesses to operate, and lowering taxes on Arizona families so that your paycheck goes to your family, not the State.

Better Healthcare

I’ll work to lower prescription drug prices, mandate transparent billing where you know what you’re paying for, and diversify healthcare choices by allowing competition in the healthcare industry. As your State Senator, I’ll defend your right to healthcare freedom — meaning no mandates.

Support Our Veterans

Our veterans, who have selflessly served our nation, deserve top-tier support systems. I am dedicated to coming up with innovative solutions to ensure their well-being and that of their families.

Fix Our Schools

Education funding needs to go to the classroom, not the administrators. I will work to reduce teacher-student ratios, hire skilled teachers, get woke propaganda out of our schools, and make sure parents have a say in education.

Secure the Arizona Border

I will uphold Arizona’s sovereignty and put our people first. The border crisis needs urgent action. We need to secure the Arizona border and finish the Arizona border wall, outlaw Sanctuary Cities, deport criminal aliens, and make sure the only immigration coming here is legal immigration.

Secure Arizona’s Elections

The Arizona Audit proved we need comprehensive election reforms, and there’s still a long way to go. Paper ballots, currency-grade security, ending ballot drop boxes, and cleaning the voter rolls are all priorities of mine for the Arizona Senate.

Defend the Second Amendment

I will always protect Arizonans’ right to keep and bear arms, and vote against any legislation that tries to restrict your rights. I’ll hold the line against red flag gun confiscation, gun bans, and any other gun grabbing schemes.

Defend Life

Life, born and unborn, is precious. Life begins at conception, and our legal framework should shield the defenseless.