Voter Fraud Exposed: True the Vote Presentation to the Arizona State Senate

True the Vote presented to the Arizona State Senate on May 31, 2022 on the findings of their investigation into ballot harvesting in Maricopa and Yuma Counties, as shown in the film 2000 Mules. In the presentation, True the Vote breaks down their methodology, conclusions and confidence level, and recommendations for actions to address the fraud uncovered.

Trump-endorsed candidate for Arizona Secretary of State, Rep. Mark Finchem attended the hearing, where he spoke to RSBN’s Brian Glenn for an on-air interview alongside Kari Lake.

True the Vote Presentation on Ballot Harvesting
to the Arizona State Senate, May 31, 2022

Rep. Mark Finchem Interview with RSBN’s Brian Glenn and Kari Lake

(RSBN) Yuma County School Board member to plead guilty to ballot trafficking in the 2020 election

“Guillermina Fuentes, a Gadsden Elementary School District board member and former mayor of San Luis, Arizona, will reportedly plead guilty to 2020 ballot trafficking. She will appear in court on Thursday to change her plea. In December 2020, Fuentes was indicted on one count of ballot abuse for illegally harvesting ballots during Arizona’s August 2020 primary election. Under Arizona law, it is illegal for anyone other than a family member, household member, or caregiver to collect an early ballot – blank or filled in – from another person.”

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