UndercoverDC Reports on the Ballot Integrity Project

“With over 10 state delegations visiting Maricopa County to view how the Arizona Senate forensic audit is progressing, and to learn about the rigorous process, it is clear that interest in election integrity is a top of mind issue all over the U.S. PA, GA, AK, MI, WI, SC, UT, WA, NV, VA & CO have visited so far. More are sure to follow. Hand counting of ballots should wrap up today, then selective canvass is likely to begin. Some solutions are already under consideration.”

From UndercoverDC:

On the frontlines for election integrity, Arizona has been upfront and center in the effort to ensure transparency for its voters. Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem (R-District 11) is leading the charge on the state House side. UncoverDC has seen firsthand the ballots associated with Finchem’s Ballot Integrity Project, and it is a game-changer if legislators vote to implement what he’s got in mind. Finchem is now running for Secretary of State in Arizona.

Because of the fraud protections afforded with the technology associated with these ballots, it is impossible to duplicate them. As Finchem states, it is a “Full-spectrum transparency project to give Arizona voters confidence in their election,” he continued, “Every ballot image will be a public record available to everyone all the time.”

During a May 27 visit to a group in Nashville, Tennessee called The Nashville Sentinels, he spoke passionately about the groundbreaking technology printed on these ballots. About ninety people attended on a Thursday evening to listen to Finchem speak about what his state is doing with the audit and what he and his legislator colleagues plan to implement concerning the ballots. UncoverDC was in attendance at the meeting.

Per reporting by the Tennessee Star, Middle Tennessee members of the General Assembly were invited to attend the event, given the attention that election integrity has received on both the state and national levels. Two legislators able to attend were Rep. Scott Cepicky (R-Culleoka) and Sen. Jack Johnson (R-Franklin), the Senate Republican leader.

The Tennessee Star writes:

“Finchem presented a concept for a secure paper, mail-in ballot, which is a method taken advantage of by about 80 percent of Arizona voters. Finchem passed around a sample of the concept ballot produced by Authentix, a company specializing in comprehensive authentication programs, that included a number of security features, including a Mylar insert in the paper, a full-page watermark, and serialized numbers for the ballots.

Finchem excitedly shared the potential future-state with these ballots in use and a back-end app that would allow the voter to track their ballot through the process with elections officials and confirm that their ballot was counted and recorded accurately to the way they filled it out. In light of the approximate $5 million cost for the current audit, an amount the Senate was not prepared to spend, another Finchem initiative is to set aside additional funding in the budget for future audits.”

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