Trump: Mark Finchem is ‘the kind of fighter we need’

President Donald Trump endorsed Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem Tuesday in Arizona’s Republican primary for secretary of state. 

In a glowing endorsement on Truth Social, Trump explained, “Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem is running for Secretary of State, and he is the kind of fighter we need to turn Arizona and our Country around.”

Arizona’s current secretary of state is Katie Hobbs, a Democrat, who is running for governor. If Finchem is elected as secretary of state, it would mark a notable shift in the state of Arizona.

Trump said, “Mark is tough, strong, and he loves his state.” He added, “His opponent, Michelle Ugenti-Rita, is a weak ‘Never Trumper’ RINO, and friends with all the Radical Left Democrats.”

Like Finchem, Ugenti-Rita currently holds a seat in Arizona’s state legislature. While Ugenti-Rita is a Republican state senator, the 45th president has warned voters of her record as a “RINO.” 

Trump claimed Ugenti-Rita is more politically aligned with the Democrat Party, saying, “She doesn’t make a move without them, and their sole purpose is to stop Mark Finchem because they know he is the only candidate who will put an end to the Weak Border and Massive Voter Fraud.”

According to Fox News, Finchem’s campaign website has pledged that he “will stand up for the people of Arizona and fight to secure our elections.”

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(The Gateway Pundit) “He Is the ONLY Candidate Who Will Put An End To The Weak Border And Massive Voter Fraud.” – President Trump Gives Mark Finchem Another Endorsement, EXPOSES “Never-Trumper RINO” Michelle Ugenti-Rita

“President Trump has awarded Arizona Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem another Endorsement as he takes on the RINO friend of Radical Left Democrats, Michelle Ugenti-Rita, and Democratic Plant Beau Lane. The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Mark Finchem’s new radio ads expose Governor Doug Ducey-endorsed Beau Lane’s leftist anti-election integrity agenda.”

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