‘Tough As Hell’: Trump Predicts ‘Easy Victory’ For Finchem After Arizona Candidate Speaks At Trump Rally

President Donald Trump praised State Rep. Mark Finchem (R-AZ) after the latter spoke in support of Arizona’s election audit on Sunday night. Trump described Finchem as “tough as hell” and “incredible.”

“By the way, we have a man—we talk about strong people and weak people, we talk about stupid people and smart people—but we have a man from Arizona with us tonight,” Trump said. “He is tough as hell, he’s incredible, and he is running for a certain position [Arizona Secretary of State] that’s going to be I think a very easy victory. Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem is with us tonight, and what a job he’s done. Mark—Great Job, Mark. You’re gonna win big, Mark! You know, because he’s tough they say he’s controversial. It’s not controversial, he’s actually not controversial.”

During his remarks at Sunday night’s rally, Finchem said, “But the left would tell you “Oh, wait a minute. Audits undermine your confidence in the election.” Seriously? No, what undermines is the fact that we have hundreds of thousands of fictitious voters in the system. We have ballots and nobody knows where they came from. So with all the evidence, I think the Lord’s got a message here with this whole audit thing, don’t you?”

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