RINO Ducey Judge Sanctions Mark Finchem Over His Lawsuit Contesting 2022 Election Where Katie Hobbs Colluded With Twitter, Took FTX Money, and 60% Of Voting Machines Failed Republican Voters

Trump-Endorsed Arizona Secretary of State Nominee Mark Finchem was sanctioned on Monday for challenging the rigged Midterm election results by a RINO Doug Ducey-appointed judge.

The Judge ruled that Finchem filed his lawsuit “in bad faith and “without substantial justification.”

However, as The Gateway Pundit reported, Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs oversaw the election as a candidate for Governor and did not recuse herself while accepting money from bankrupted cryptocurrency exchange and money laundering organization FTX and colluding with Twitter to interfere with the election by silencing Arizona Republicans and her opponent, Kari Lake. Finchem’s Twitter page was suspended without cause eight days before the General Election, and Elon Musk was required to personally reinstate him.

This was all before more than half of voting machines, mainly in Republican precincts, failed to read ballots on Election Day in Maricopa County, the largest County in Arizona.

Election Day voters, turning out 3:1 for Republican candidates, were intentionally sabotaged by crooked Election officials and Katie Hobbs.

Hobbs then threatened Arizona election officials with class six felony charges if they did not certify the compromised election results and install her as Governor.

Despite the clear misconduct and interference, which gave Arizona Democrats an incalculable advantage, Judge Melissa Iyer Julian ruled that “none of these alleged acts of misconduct presented a ‘fairly debatable’ election challenge as Finchem did not and could not allege that any of these acts rendered uncertain the outcome of an election he lost by over 120,000 votes.”

Julian was appointed by former Governor RINO Doug Ducey in 2019. She won the retention election in 2022 and was installed by the same rigged election system.

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