Rep Mark Finchem Speaks Out As AZ Supreme Court Rules Against Banning Of Mask Mandates In Schools

ARIZONA – This week, the Arizona Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the state constitution was violated when the legislature banned school mask mandates due to the way the bill was presented.

The Republican-controlled Legislature banned mandates along with a “series of other measures in unrelated budget bills,” but the state’s highest court, after two-hour deliberation, ruled that the law was, in fact, unconstitutional under the Arizona Constitution due to the way it was passed.

Arizona Representative Mark Finchem, who is also running for Secretary of State in 2022, issued a statement on the ruling, calling it an “unfortunate and ill-conceived development, depriving Arizonans of their rights and liberties and destroying Arizona’s election integrity on a technicality.”

The court sided with education groups who said that the requirement that subjects be “related and expressed in the title of bills” was violated by the legislature, ultimately disallowing the banning of mask mandates for schools in the process.

By doing so, according to Finchem, “the Court is nullifying the will of the Arizona Legislature, itself representative of the will of the people of Arizona, for what amounts to little more than a typographical error. Rather than bend to the will of radical left-wing interest groups, the Court should have allowed the laws to remain in effect until that simple error could be corrected by the legislature.”

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(Media Right News) Mark Finchem Slams AZ State Supreme Court for Ruling that Banning School Mask Mandates are ‘Unconstitutional’

“The Trump-endorsed election integrity stalwart and candidate for Arizona’s secretary of state race is speaking out. The Arizona Supreme Court recently made a ruling against banning mask mandates. This comes after the Republicans in the state were finally able to get Governor Doug Ducey to play ball. Finchem, who singlehandedly has proposed options to make elections more safe and secure and less susceptible to fraud, is not one to sit idly by when he feels something is wrong.”

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(The Freedom Times) Mark Finchem Issues A Statement As AZ Supreme Court Rejects Dialed Down School COVID Rules

“Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem (R), who is running for Arizona secretary of state, issued a statement on Friday over an “unfortunate Arizona Supreme Court ruling” that was issued this week. The Arizona Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that the Republican-controlled Legislature violated the state constitution by including new laws banning school mask mandates and a series of other measures in unrelated budget bills, Tucson’s KGUN 9 reported.”

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