Rep. Mark Finchem Slams Tucson Anti-Gun Vote

On June 22, Tucson Mayor Regina Romero and the City Council voted unanimously to adopt Resolution 23357, a three-page document that characterizes Arizona’s 2nd Amendment Freedom Act as unconstitutional.

The document states that when it comes to firearms, federal law trumps the state constitution, and that “constitutional federal laws or regulations that regulate firearms will have full effect within the city of Tucson; and declaring an emergency.” […]

“I think it’s a temper tantrum being thrown by leftists,” said Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem, a Republican. “They’ve already lost in court.” Finchem was referring to an Arizona Supreme Court ruling in 2017, which declared that Tucson cannot destroy confiscated guns because it violates state law.

He said the city reportedly confiscated and destroyed 4,800 firearms without the authority to do so, prompting an attorney general investigation in which he was involved.

Finchem said that Tucson’s resolution may also violate state law, and by doing so, could put at risk the city’s access to state shared revenues.

“We’re talking hundreds of millions of [dollars] of that revenue that would be withheld,” Finchem said.

“In a city that has seen wholesale abandonment of the police, they are so understaffed they cannot even respond to emergency calls, let alone non-emergency calls. If the city of Tucson wants to prevent people from defending themselves, and the city police department is unable to defend them, what is their objective?” Finchem asked rhetorically.

“If the city of Tucson, in their petty dictatorship, wants to interfere with the rights of Tucson residents—not on my watch,” Finchem added. “These people should be removed from office. They are violating people’s civil rights. That policy is a violation of people’s civil rights. I can’t state that more clearly.”

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