Rep. Mark Finchem Responds to Audit Hearing Bombshells: “This Cannot Be Allowed to Stand”

Rep. Mark Finchem joined Victory News for an interview following the bombshell audit hearing on July 16th to discuss the audit findings, including (1) Maricopa County’s lack of control over their own voting machines, (2) serious security problems with the voting machines, and (3) the discovery of tens of thousands of potentially fraudulent votes.

“The hearing yesterday leads me to believe that this election is so compromised, so inaccurate, that I cannot in good conscience continue to support it — in fact, I’ve had serious questions not in support of this election for quite some time, but I think the legislature is probably going to have take action of some kind. I agree with Senator Rogers, this cannot be allowed to stand.”

Watch the full interview below:

(The Gateway Pundit) State Rep. Mark Finchem Calls for Action by State Legislature after Earth-Shattering Arizona Audit Hearing

“Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem is standing up and calling for action by the Arizona Legislature after the earth-shattering Arizona Senate audit hearing last week. Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers has been leading the call to action, fighting to recall these fraudulent electors and trash the fraud voting machines. Rep. Finchem appeared on Victory News with Greg Stephens where he ran over the audit’s findings, his Arizona Ballot Integrity Project, and agreed with State Senator Wendy Rogers, that ‘this cannot be allowed to stand’.”

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