Rep. Finchem Pre-Files Sweeping Election Transparency Bill


DECEMBER 28, 2021, Phoenix, AZ

Representative Mark Finchem (LD-11), announces introduction of HB-247, a Bill to amend A.R.S.§ 16-625 “Electronic data and digital images; ballots; security; public record”.

The purpose of this Bill is to provide full transparency of vital election records, more specifically digital images of ballots cast. “Elections should be done in private, but the counting of votes must never be a secret endeavor. There is no reason why unalterable electronic ballot images should not be a public record, open for all to inspect,” says Representative Mark Finchem, LD-11). “Elections belong to the people, they don’t belong to the government, and as such, along with the consent to be governed, the People retain the right to examine the result.”

“My constituents overwhelmingly support full-spectrum transparency of the elections process. Making searchable, digital images of every ballot cast, available to every voter who wants to count the votes themselves, is a small step we can take to restore voter confidence in our electoral process. There will be more action taken to restore voter confidence in the system as we approach the 2022 session of the Legislature, including currency-grade ballot fraud countermeasures. 

“Why ballot images were ever included in this statute is beyond me. This is a fight for an individual’s right of giving consent to be governed, and their right to examine the results to their satisfaction. This could resolve many of the questions raised during the Maricopa County Forensic Audit of the 2020 General Election” 

The new language reads, “After the polls are closed, make available to the public an online copy of any digital images of ballots in a manner that allows the images to be searchable by precinct but that precludes any alteration to the images. The digital images of the ballots are public records.”