Op-Ed: Establishment Media Shills for Radical Soros Candidate in Arizona

Before Democratic Arizona secretary of state candidate Adrian Fontes was Maricopa County recorder, he was the criminal defense lawyer for a dangerous Phoenix drug dealer, narco-terrorist and firearms trafficking ringleader, Manuel Celis-Acosta.

Celis-Acosta sold thousands of guns to the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel in Barack Obama’s “Operation Fast and Furious” scandal, including the gun the cartel used to kill Border Patrol officer Brian Terry.

In 2011, Fontes defended Emilia Palomina-Robles for her role “in a conspiracy to trade drugs and cash for military-grade weapons — including a Stinger anti-aircraft missile — for use by Sinaloan drug cartels,” according to the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Fontes has represented clients charged with everything from sexual assault and narcotics violations to money laundering, burglary and human trafficking. The media is covering up the radical Democratic candidate’s shocking past to help get him elected as Arizona’s top election official, putting him next in line to be governor.

Because of his potential to become governor in the event of a vacancy, and his connections with the Mexican cartels, does Fontes seem like he would be good on issues of border security, drugs, crime and illegal immigration? Or focus on keeping citizens safe?

Adrian Fontes is dangerous. He is a radical Bernie Sanders socialist with a history of lying and deception — and even a criminal record, including felonies — and he will do whatever it takes to win.  Fontes has broken state election laws, ignored rules and arrogantly does as he pleases to benefit Democrat candidates. And he does it with a variety of deceptive schemes.

Fontes’ illegal and deceitful actions skyrocketed Arizona’s 2020 election into the national spotlight. Examination of the election has revealed extremely disturbing facts.

Maricopa County accepted at least 20,000 mail-in ballots after Election Day (breaking Arizona law), including 18,000 picked up from the U.S. Postal Service on Nov. 4, 2020. This screams election fraud, especially considering the entire election margin of 10,457 ballots.

Upon further inspection, the forensic audit of Maricopa County identified numerous determinative anomalies, fraud and election law violations, including a surge of 17,322 duplicate absentee ballot envelopes that came in days after the election.

In the months leading up to the 2020 election, Fontes arrogantly and deliberately ignored and defied election laws. He didn’t stop despite the Arizona Supreme Court ruling that his actions were illegal. Even the notoriously liberal Arizona Republic put out an article in 2020 titled, “Adrian Fontes is making up election law as he goes along” and criticized Fontes for “violating election law.”

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