Meet the Trump Endorsed Arizona MAGA ‘Army’ that is Running in 2022

Despite “RINO” Republicans exposing themselves and going after activist Trump supporters within their own ranks, in our view, the power is staying with the pro-Trump wing of the Arizona GOP. Although many claims to be pro-Trump, because it’s almost political suicide if a Republican doesn’t, only a select few Arizonans and politicians around the nation actually are, in our view. The team of Trump endorsed stars rising to the top in the Arizona GOP in our assessment is as follows:

Wendy Rogers

Wendy Rogers is an Arizona state senator from the sixth district who has been endorsed by Donald Trump and has been a stalwart for election integrity. She served in the United States Air Force, starting in the Air Forces mental health clinic and going on to be one of the first 100 female Air Force pilots. She helped pass legislation to finish Trump’s border wall in the state of Arizona. Wendy has sponsored a variety of “election integrity” bills, and she heavily supported the Maricopa election audit and even told Attorney General Merrick Garland that “you will not touch Arizona ballots or machines unless you want to spend time in an Arizona prison” when Garland announced that the DOJ would be involving itself in post-election audits. 

Paul Gosar

Paul Gosar has been the U.S. representative for the 4th district of Arizona since 2013. He was endorsed by Donald Trump the day after he was censured by the house for posting an edited version of an anime intro that depicted a character with his face edited on to it attacking various characters with the faces of democrats edited on. Gosar described it as light-hearted and either taken too seriously or used in bad faith by the left to score cheap political points with their radical base when outrage erupted.


Mark Finchem 

Mark Finchem is another Trump-endorsed election integrity stalwart. He is running for secretary of state of Arizona. He was elected in 2015 to the Arizona house of representatives for the 11th district and is serving his fourth and final term there. He called the Arizona supreme court’s decision that banning mask mandates would be unconstitutional “unfortunate” and “ill-conceived” saying it “deprived Arizonans of their rights and liberties”

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