Mark Finchem Statement on Katie Hobbs and the November 3rd Hack

Trustworthiness, honesty and integrity are the three virtuous qualities that voters have a right to expect of their elected officials. In all three of these qualities, Secretary of State Hobbs has failed miserably. From calling supporters of the opposition party “neo-Nazis,” to the reports of her silence about the hack of Arizona’s voter registration database, she has failed to demonstrate the basic virtues of the “servant-to-all” position in state government she holds.

While I have pursued and promoted the objective of showing that our elections have been (or have not been) fraud-free and fair, Ms. Hobbs has continued to attack and vilify the process that she refused to participate in, and the people who are most qualified to examine the system. It’s the same tired and threadbare tactic of the privileged political class: if you don’t like the message, destroy the messenger. That won’t fly anymore, because the peoples’ eyes are wide open now.

I urge all those with information about election irregularities to come forward with their sworn and notarized affidavits. There will be no better time than now.

Rep. Mark Finchem