Mark Finchem on the National Security Hour Podcast: Restoring Arizona’s Values

From the America Out Loud Network:

Mark Finchem of Arizona has had an excellent career in public service in two states. He was elected for eight years to the Arizona House of Representatives, where he “termed out” (there are term limits in Arizona). He has fought for limited and accountable government, election integrity, trusted ballots, hand-counted tabulation, and day of voting.

Arizona used to be a solid conservative State, but things started changing when John McCain came to Arizona as a Democrat and saw that he could only win with an “R” beside his name. The McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance Reform Act of 2002 created the opening for dark money like Soros/Arabella cash to start taking over the American election process. Mark has fought hard to return Arizona to accountability and is challenging an incumbent “Republican” State Senator for the 1st District.

Arizona is now under the thumb of a Governor who was handed the state by Uni-party RINOs. Mark explains what’s going on in the Swamp of Arizona, a Communist Insurgency, and his battle plan to return Arizona to the Citizens of Arizona.

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