Mark Finchem Endorses Jerrod Sessler For Congress

In a tweet on Thursday, Arizona House of Representatives member and Arizona Secretary of State candidate, Mark Finchem, added his endorsement to the growing list of distinguished political leaders who see Jerrod as the only candidate with the fortitude, experience, and political support to defeat Trump-impeacher Dan Newhouse, strengthen the ranks of America First constitutionalists in the House of Representatives, and restore conservative values to the fourth district of Washington.

Finchem is a strong supporter of the “Stop the Steal” movement and has been endorsed by President Donald Trump in his bid for Arizona Secretary of State. 

Finchem tweeted, “I strongly endorse #AmericaFirst Candidate for Congress, Jerod @Sessler, who is running against a traitorous Trump-impeaching RINO swamper who must be removed from office. Jerrod is a conservative veteran, successful businessman, husband, father, & a former NASCAR. Let’s win!”

Navy veteran, successful entrepreneur, and former NASCAR driver Jerrod Sessler’s America First message, strong constitutional stand, and no-nonsense approach to tyranny and bureaucratic bullying have been resonating in the district and among the America First political establishment.

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