ICYMI: Trump reads Rep. Finchem letter detailing 2020 election fraud

At a Georgia rally leading up to the Senate runoffs, President Trump called Rep. Mark Finchem a ‘strong leader’ and read a letter from Finchem detailing some of the fraudulent activity surrounding the 2020 election.


Let me also quickly read a letter from Mark Finchem, Chairman of the Arizona House Federal Relations Committee:

“Dear Mr. President, subsequent to the election, members of the legislature were inundated with complaints from constituents relating to the integrity of the general election, and the accuracy of canvassed results. In many instances, constituents reported that their earlier in-person ballots may not have been correctly processed or tabulated by Maricopa County officials. Members of the legislature have conducted two public hearings in recent weeks during which significant evidence of fraudulent and illegal voting in Arizona has been demonstrated through expert and eyewitness testimony.”

“For example, in Pima County and Maricopa County it appears that 143,000 illegal votes were actually injected into the ballot system.”

Think of that. No, but think of this. The press won’t report this. They’re probably turning off, “oh we don’t like this.” They don’t like this. They don’t wanna talk about numbers. They talked about my phone call. They don’t like my phone call, everyone loved my phone call. They don’t like talking about numbers because nobody knew the numbers were so egregious.

Also, “an Expert mathematician concluded that the only explanation for the actual voting results in Arizona is that 130% of Democrats voted for candidate Biden, and a negative 30% voted for President Trump.” Now think of that: in order to get to the numbers, 130% of the voters (that’s a little tough to get, okay?) had to vote for him, and minus 30 had to vote for me. And that gets you to 100%, and nobody has 100% voting.

“For all of these people who think it’s too late, does that mean we’re forced to approve a fraudulent election or an election with massive irregularities?”

I don’t think so.