Gosar Endorses Mark Finchem For Arizona Secretary Of State To Replace Democrat Darling Katie Hobbes

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) has endorsed Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem’s race for Secretary of State of Arizona, the battleground state where current Secretary of State Katie Hobbes supported Democrat and billionaire-led “shadow campaign” to “fortify” the 2020 election and then vocally opposed election integrity initiatives and the Arizona Audit.

“Our country, and our state, need strong leders. Proven fighters. Men and women with principles, and the will to fight for those principles,” wrote Gosar on Twitter today. “Mark Finchem is such a man. A veteran warrior in the political battlefield of today, @RealMarkFinchem has proven his word is good.” In a second tweet, Gosar added, “His talk is straight. He is the type of leader we need and I support him without hesitation to be our next Secretary of State in Arizona.”

After receiving Gosar’s endorsement, Finchem wrote, “I am honored to have the endorsement of Congressman Gosar. He is a staunch defender of America and conservative values.” He soon added, “Dr. Paul Gosar is a true champion of #AmericaFirst.”

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