Fontes Loses It, Goes Full Radical-Left Partisan

Phoenix, AZ, September 28, 2023: Tom Pappert, writing for the Arizona Sun Times asked me for comment about an article published by Phoenix news station KTAR on September 27, 2023, “Report: Arizona sees high turnover of local election officials since 2020 presidential election.” He cited remarks made by Secretary of State Adrian Fontes, the disgraced Sinaloa Cartel lawyer who represented cartel members in the Fast and Furious gun running case where U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered, but who somehow miraculously, amid voluminous controversy still in the Courts, “won” an election that even CNN saw him losing by 3% of the vote.

Fontes loses his composure and bearing when laying blame for resignations of elections officials around the state; he claims, “[I] think this is a greater sort of an effort by these authoritarians and you know these MAGA fascist types who just want our systems to crumble.”(Brandon Gray, KTAR News, September 27, 2023). 

MAGA fascist types? This is what is coming out of the mouth of the top elections official in the State of Arizona? The very same guy who promoted ANTIFA and the defacing of monuments at Wesley Bolin Plaza when Roe v. Wade was overturned by the Supreme Court. Violence appears to be a “first-thought” mindset with this guy, and in his nature. 

Perhaps we should abandon Fontes fantasy land, and revisit the land of facts for just a moment. MAGA stands for “Make America Great Again.” While the radical leftist media and their supposed “watchdogs” like Wikipedia and the Southern Poverty Law Center —a scammer extraordinaire— have attempted to portray the 70%+ of Americans, who identify as “America First,” “Make America Great Again” supporters as “white supremacists” or “white nationalists.” I want to say here, get a grip on reality. The radical left either is incredibly misinformed, or purposely building a false narrative for a color revolution; they seem to ignore the fact that Americans of all races and ethnicities identify as MAGA and America First. We love the promise, the dream that only America can offer.

A History of Lawlessness…

Fontes is the same guy who was ordered to stand down by the Arizona Courts and then Secretary of State Hobbs in a 2020 litigation, when he attempted to violate state statutes on mail-in ballots, by “flooding the zone” with ballots that were not legally requested. That stunt cost Maricopa County taxpayers millions of dollars for printed ballots that could not be used.

And now, Fontes will be the most senior elections official in Arizona. He is complaining that elections officials are leaving their offices because of stress and intimidation. Wait, what? When voters want transparency and speak up at public meetings about defects in election process that is now intimidation?

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