Finchem Statement on Recent Voting Machine Revelations

Prescott, AZ – Over a year after yet another botched election by Maricopa County, another county – Pinal – has failed the scrutiny necessary for transparent and secure elections. It is of no comfort whatsoever to know what happened, when we are forced to live under an illegitimate state government with an Attorney General that refuses to take action, and worse, threatens county officials with criminal prosecution if they do. And then there are the county elections offices intent on covering up fraudulent election results.

I am thankful that the People involved in this analysis are engaged and holding elected officials accountable, something that the media has failed miserably to do. Courage to take corrective action seems to be in short supply these days, even when we know what the problem is. I support a challenge to the notion that we must continue the use of clearly defective vote counting machines if we are prevented from validating there is no malware written into the software operating those machines. I support a challenge to the use of equipment that does not meet Department of Defense (DoD) cyber-security standards. Afterall, the machinery of elections has been deemed to be “critical infrastructure” by the Department of Homeland Security.

Now the question is what will we the People do about these revelations? With a governor who is in office because of massive cheating, who was responsible for overseeing elections in the 2022 election cycle, we will have to elect tough, courageous, committed individuals to important offices like County Supervisor, State Representative and of course State Senate. We must clean up polluted voter rolls, vote for non-retention of judges who refuse to hear election challenge cases, and be a part of the process of running elections. Be a poll worker, or a volunteer on election day to observe and to report real time election irregularities.

Mark Finchem, candidate for Arizona State Senate