Finchem: Katie Hobbs Should Resign For Incompetence After Huge Error In Ballots Sent In Arizona

During an appearance on War Room Pandemic with Steve Bannon, Mark Finchem called for the resignation of Katie Hobbs for incompetence. This follows revelations over that weekend that Pinal County mailed out their mail-out ballots with no municipal office elections on the ballot, ballots which were approved by Secretary Hobbs.

“This is a major screwup. If you had a Secretary of State who was on the ball, who was process-oriented, who went through the checklist and made sure everything was on the ballot that should be on the ballot…”

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(The Freedom Times) ‘She Should’ Resign: Rep. Finchem Says of AZ SOS Hobbs After 63,000 Early Ballots With Errors Were Sent to Voters Ahead of Aug 2 Primary

Pinal County officials said Friday that they will be mailing supplementary ballots with city and town races after an estimated 63,000 early ballots with errors were sent to voters ahead of the August 2 primary election. Following the news of the massive error, State Representative Mark Finchem said that Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs “should” resign for her failure to uphold election integrity in the Grand Canyon State.

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