FINCHEM: Hearing Proves Maricopa County Was A ‘Sh*t Show’ In 2020, No Way To Accurately Tell Election Results

Arizona State Rep. and Secretary of State candidate Mark Finchem confirmed on Thursday that the ongoing Arizona election audit confirms that the 2020 presidential election in the state was a “sh*t show” that “cannot be called accurately.” Auditors presented a staggering compendium of evidence on Thursday that indicated the integrity of the Arizona election may have been compromised.

“The #AZAudit is proving that the Maricopa Election was a Sh*t Show – so many errors, discrepancies this election cannot be called accurately,” Finchem tweeted on Thursday. “Roughly 168K on demand ballots suspect. The audit team recommends canvassing to verify voters exist, just as Peter Navarro recommended.”

As National File previously reported, private auditing firm Cyber ninjas presented evidence of duplicated ballots with no serial numbers. Cyber Ninjas CEO stated in part, “And so, we have a whole bunch of ballots that also don’t have any serial numbers on them, so it’s quite possible that for the second one with the same serial number, there’s another one that matches up with it that literally doesn’t have a serial number on it, but it creates a lot of time and difficulty in resolving these issues when it was not done in a manner where it’s easy to match up and really, according to my understanding of what statute is, and what statute states.”

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