EXCLUSIVE: Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem Talks About Resolution To Decertify AZ, Subpoena By Jan. 6 Committee: “This Is Classic Saul Alinsky.”

Last week, Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem introduced a resolution to decertify three compromised 2020 county elections in Arizona after multiple investigations statewide discovered elections law violations and hundreds of thousands of ballot discrepancies.

Immediately, Finchem faced pushback from Arizona House Speaker Rusty Bowers who will make the next decision on hearing this historic resolution.

Arizona citizens who want to fix 2020 must contact Arizona legislators and House Speaker Bowers to strongly encourage decertification.

Days after this major move to decertify Arizona, the January 6 committee issued subpoenas to Rep. Mark Finchem and AZGOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward. This is just another deep state intimidation tactic.

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to Rep. Finchem earlier for an update.

Conradson: So, have you received any more support from legislators on your resolution to decertify Arizona’s fraudulent election?

Finchem: There are a few more senators and representatives who, I think they’ve seen the proof. They’ve seen the legal argument. They see the jurisprudence. They see that the Supreme Court itself has said, Oh, no, you can do this. I think that they’re beginning to get to that place where they may be a little bit more comfortable. It’s a big move. I mean, this is a historic thing.

Conradson: Last time we spoke, you challenged Speaker Bowers’ legal team to a little bit of a debate on the constitutionality of your resolution. Can you tell us about that?

Finchem: I guess it wasn’t a formal challenge. It was more of, you know, thinking out loud. Perhaps it would be great for the people because this is a passionate issue, not just here in Arizona but across the country. And if we were to have a pro-con debate between legal scholars, people who know what they’re talking about with the Constitution, and lawyers who agree with the legal theory that I presented or disagree with the legal theory I presented, I would like to see those two groups onstage participating in a debate. This is not a debate between Mark Finchem and the Speaker of the House. That’s not what I’m calling for at all. I wrote the legal analysis memo, presented that with the merits of the case along with evidence to the Speaker’s office. Now where it goes from there, he’s the Speaker of the House.

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