EXCLUSIVE: Arizona Senate President Karen Fann Claims “We Really Don’t Have a Mechanism To Decertify” – Mark Finchem Gave Us The Mechanism

Arizona Senate President Karen Fann recently told The Gateway Pundit that she does not believe the Arizona Legislature can decertify the fraudulent 2020 election.

After the Maricopa County election audit discovered evidence of illegal activity during the 2020 election and hundreds of thousands of questionable ballots, Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem introduced a resolution to decertify Arizona’s irredeemably compromised election.

Senate President Karen Fann played a major role in producing the first-ever full forensic election audit in history, but she has now taken the stance of AZ House Speaker Rusty Bowers, deeming this historic resolution to reclaim a stolen election unconstitutional. 

Representative Finchem challenged Rusty Bowers’ legal counsel to debate the legality of his resolution with his attorneys. Perhaps Senate President Fann’s attorneys can join.

On Tuesday, the Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to Senate President Fann about her elections bill, SB1642, and decertification.

Conradson: There’s no doubt that election laws were broken, the machines were connected to the Internet, files were deleted. What are your thoughts on representative Finchem’s resolution decertify?

Fann: Well, as much as some of our people would not like to hear this, but we really don’t have a mechanism to decertify. The scholars will tell you that. Now here’s what will happen because this is new. Anybody watch House of Cards?…

Conradson: You said there’s not a mechanism to decertify. Mark Finchem’s resolution is the mechanism.

Fann: But it’s past the time you can’t do retroactive.

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