President Donald J. Trump

It is my great honor to endorse a true warrior, Representative Mark Finchem, of the Great State of Arizona, for the position of Secretary of State.

He is a patriot who has fought for our Country right from his earliest moments in government. Mark was willing to say what few others had the courage to say. In addition to his incredibly powerful stance on the massive Voter Fraud that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election Scam, he is strong on Crime, Borders, our currently under siege Second Amendment, and loves our Military and our Vets. Mark will also be fighting hard for further Tax and Regulation Cuts.

Mark Finchem has my Complete and Total Endorsement. He will never let the people of Arizona down!

General Michael Flynn

I wholeheartedly and strongly endorse Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State. He lead the way with his team of legislators early on to hold the Arizona election integrity hearings when hardly anyone else was standing up and getting anything done. Mark was there for the Citizens of Arizona, our country and our Constitution.
As Secretary of State, Mark will clean up the mess that corrupt Katie Hobbs created. Please get behind Mark Finchem and let’s take back the Secretary of State’s office from ALL of those who cheat Arizona out of a free and fair election. Our election system and process are among the most sacrosanct rights we hold dear and when integrity has mattered most, Mark Finchem has shown up to fight for us all.

Vote for Mark Finchem to be the next Secretary of State for Arizona!

Congressman Paul Gosar (AZ-04)

Our country, and our state, need strong leaders. Proven fighters. Men and women with principles, and the will to fight for those principles. Mark Finchem is such a man. A veteran warrior in the political battlefield of today, Mark Finchem has proven his word is good. His talk is straight.

He is the type of leader we need and I support him without hesitation to be our next Secretary of State in Arizona.

Arizona Sen. Sonny BoRrelli

I endorse Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State. He is a staunch defender of our elections and is actively working to secure them for future generations.

He is a tough fighter who will take on the Democrats and win. He won’t back down to the power brokers who don’t want our elections to be free or fair. Please join me in supporting Mark Finchem in any way you can.  Please join me in supporting Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State.

Arizona Rep. Leo Biasiucci

Mark Finchem demanded free & fair elections from day one. He took a stand for accountability & accuracy when few others would. He loves our state. He loves our country. And he wants to make sure your vote counts. Join me in supporting Mark Finchem for AZ Secretary of State!

Fmr. AZ Senate President Russell Pearce

I strongly endorse Mark Finchem for Secretary of State.  I have never worked with anyone more committed to doing the right thing than Representative Mark Finchem.

Mark leaves no doubt about who he is and what he believes. In today’s era these are qualities we must have in an elected official.

In this time of the feds trying to stop voter integrity and pervert and steal elections, we must have a strong, powerful Secretary of State that stands up for Arizona and election integrity.  I know Mark will be that warrior. Please stand with me and vote for and support Mark Finchem for Secretary of State.

Maj. General (Ret.) Vernon B. Lewis

Maj. General Vernon Lewis enthusiastically endorses Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State. General Lewis has devoted decades of his life to service of our nation, and now in retirement is promoting candidates with character who will take a stand and protect what he fought to defend.

Fmr. AZ State Rep. & Current House Candidate Anthony Kern

Mark Finchem is an Arizona First candidate and has been endorsed by President Trump. Mark believes in the integrity of our constitution and is fighting for Arizona.

I fully support Mark Finchem and I’m honored to endorse him as Arizona’s next Secretary of State.

Commissioner Jim O’Connor, AZ Corporation Comm’n

I am very proud to endorse Mark Finchem for Secretary of State, he is the finest candidate in the race and has demonstrated integrity for as long as I have known him.

Fmr. Graham county Sheriff Richard Mack

I fully endorse Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State. Mark Finchem stands by the oath he took to the United States Constitution and has never been afraid to place himself between the tyrants and the people he represents. He deeply understands both the Arizona and United States Constitutions and is a dedicated fighter for the integrity of our elections.

President Trump has endorsed Mark, and now so have I. I encourage everyone to get behind Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State to protect the future of our elections.

Fmr. Director of Trade and Manufacturing Policy for President Trump, PETER NAVARRO

Mark Finchem has been relentless in his pursuit of election integrity. Since the beginning, Mark has been the tip of the spear in uncovering Arizona election fraud. Vote for Mark Finchem to make sure election fraud never happens in Arizona again.

Fmr. Senior Legal Adviser & Counsel to President Trump, Jenna Ellis

I endorse Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State. He led as one of the select few people who was willing to seek the truth during the November 2020 election hearings. If we didn’t have the AZ hearing thanks to Mark and his colleagues, we would not have the Arizona Audit today!

Mark is a retired police officer, AZ State Representative, and has a track record of integrity and unwavering dedication to the truth. I call on all patriots to support Mark Finchem for AZ Secretary of State!

Fmr. NYPD Commissioner Bernard Kerik

I support Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State. He has the integrity, the backbone, and the technical knowledge to ensure our elections are safe and secure from fraud and interference. He knows the job and he will ensure election integrity

Mike Lindell

Mike Lindell, Businessman, Champion of the MAGA movement and defender of Election Integrity endorses Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State.

Election Integrity Expert, Fmr. Army CPT & OEF Vet Seth Keshel

Arizona needs a Secretary of State who will stand for election integrity and protection of the People’s voting franchise. That is why I am endorsing Rep. Mark Finchem for this crucial office. Mark Finchem has been on this from the start; the hearing he pulled together and chaired on November 30, 2020 was the first of its kind ever, and he has motivated other legislators around the nation to examine their elections as well. Mark is a team builder and as President Trump said, he is “a respected leader in Arizona.” Mark Finchem has my full support for Arizona Secretary of State.

MI State Senator Ret. & Election Systems Expert Patrick Colbeck

I am honored to endorse Rep. Mark Finchem for the Arizona Secretary of State. If it were not for his leadership in the wake of the November 2020 election, America would have been asleep to the need for election audits.  He persevered against daunting obstacles to conduct the first public hearing on election integrity on November 30, 2020. Since that time, he has worked tirelessly to ensure that our elections can be trusted.  It is my hope in return that you will trust Mark with your vote as the next Secretary of State for Arizona.

Senator Amanda Chase

I am pleased to endorse Rep. Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State. Mark Finchem was the first to take a stand for constituents when they believed something was wrong with the 2020 election. He has remained steadfast in his pursuit of election integrity, putting everything on the line for the People. We need more like him in crucial offices like Secretary of State.

FMr. Nevada State Assemblyman & Candidate for Nevada Secretary of State Jim Marchant

I am pleased to announce my endorsement of Rep. Mark Finchem for Arizona Secretary of State. I’ve worked with Mark over the last 8-months on a nation-wide plan to improve election integrity. Mark has the leadership skills, integrity, discipline and vision to be an outstanding Secretary of State for the people of Arizona.

Republicans for National Renewal

Mark Finchem is one of the country’s foremost champions of election integrity. Following the sheer extent of the fraud that took place in November 2020, Arizona needs a Secretary of State who will ensure elections in the state are free and fair.

I am confident that Mark Finchem is the best-placed candidate to do so, and I am therefore pleased to announce Republicans for National Renewal is endorsing his candidacy.

Restore Liberty

Restore Liberty is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization committed to restoring the original intent of the United States. It is focused on reviving and restoring the knowledge of and passion for the liberty America was founded upon. Restore Liberty is based on the ideas found within the Declaration of Constitutional Consent, which reestablishes the relationship between the free citizens of the States and the central government, denouncing the usurpations of their consent by the latter.