Ducey-Backed Arizona Secretary of State Candidate Beau Lane Supports Democrat Politicians and Opposes Election Integrity Measures

Arizona secretary of state candidate Beau Lane has a long history of supporting Democrat politicians, being affiliated with Democrat groups, and opposing common sense election integrity measures.

Lane is getting the endorsement for the position from Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, the McCain Republican who ignored election fraud whistleblowers and certified the stolen 2020 presidential election. His primary competition is state representative Mark Finchem, the Trump-endorsed constitutionalist who filed legislation to decertify the 2020 presidential election after the state’s forensic audit.

Data from the Federal Election Commission (FEC) shows that Lane helped bankroll the campaign of Congressman Greg Stanton. Stanton, an Arizona U.S. Rep from the 9th District, voted to impeach President Donald Trump twice and supported the Jan. 6 commission’s show trials against innocent patriotic Americans.

This is the far-left Democrat who Beau Lane helped put into office:

It should come as no surprise that Lane also gave thousands of dollars to Sen. John McCain’s and Mitt Romney’s presidential runs. However, he never gave a dime to President Trump as he brought national glory to the GOP.

Lane also stated publicly that he supported a judicial ruling pushed by Democrat secretary of state Katie Hobbs stopping Republican measures to prevent illicit ballot harvesting in future elections.

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