‘CLOWN SHOW’: Arizona Republicans Respond To Biden Attorney General’s Threat To ‘Scrutinize’ Maricopa Audit

Multiple Arizona Republicans are speaking out after Biden administration Attorney General Merrick Garland warned that the Justice Department will scrutinize any post-election audits “to ensure they abide by federal statutory requirements to protect election records and avoid the intimidation of voters” and will “publish guidance” to protect early voting and mail in voting.

“These guys are a clown show,” wrote Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem, who is now running for Arizona Secretary of State. “They want to intrude in an area that is exclusively state’s jurisdiction to manage” but “They couldn’t be bothered when we called on them for action before the audit.” Finchem added, “Maybe AG Garland would like to engage in the prosecutions that should arise from quite possibly the biggest racketeering case in American history?”

Arizona Rep. Wendy Rogers also responded forcefully, “If Attorney General Merrick Garland thinks he has a right to our ballots and machines he should go to court. If he uses force when multiple courts have already authorized this audit he will be in violation of the law.” Rogers added, “Lawless thugs is all they will be!”

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