AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem: Arizona Ballot Integrity Project – CURRENCY GRADE Fraud Measures – UV Reactive, QR Codes, Microprint, Holographic Watermark

Arizona State Representative Mark Finchem announced his Arizona Ballot Integrity Project on Saturday.

State Rep. Mark Finchem is running for Arizona Secretary of State in the 2022 election and he is focused on solving Arizona’s election integrity crisis today.

Finchem announced his new ballot prototype that he is going to use to secure our elections and restore integrity.

Rep. Finchem showed the prototype to other elected officials and candidates from around the country, who came to Arizona for a tour of the election audit.

Former Georgia State Rep. and current Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Vernon Jones shared this image on Instagram while receiving a brief from the Arizona Senate when he toured the Arizona audit in June.

Mark Finchem is leading by example and promoting ballot integrity nationwide.

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