AZ SoS Candidate Mark Finchem Advocates For Nullification Of H.R.1, Pelosi’s Attempt To Take State Election Power

Arizona State Rep Mark Finchem today in an email advocated for nullification of U.S. House bill H.R.1 that takes election power from the states and hands to the Federal government. The Democrats are trying to remove any obstacles to permanent power and state legislatures stand in the way, as many move to secure elections and prevent the massive fraud that took place across the country in the last election cycle. 

The rational for this position was posted in Finchem’s The Frontline Legislative Journal, shown below.

Nancy Pelosi and the rest of her now openly fascist crew are pushing every element needed to overthrow the People and our republic in pursuit of limitless power.  Not since the collapse of the Weimar Republic in the early 1930’s and the rise of the National Socialist German Workers Party  in Germany have we seen such attempts at sweeping change in a major nation. After vilifying conservatives of years, they are finally positioned to pack the Supreme Court, usurp election laws reserved by the states at the founding of the nation, and even open our borders to criminals from every nation that hates America.

Elections are not the responsibility of the federal government, they never have been, but the radical left just talks over reality, entering into their own little fantasy-land. First the feds push policies that corrupt the elections in many states, then they seek to adopt those as a solution to the problem that hey created. While H.R. 1 may be transformational and comprehensive, it is neither in a good way. So what options do the PEOPLE have?

Nullification is likely to be the antidote to the poison that Democrats are forcing the nation to accept.  Armed with nullification, states can move to block the application of statutes passed by Congress with state statutes.  Not sure that will work?  Think recreational marijuana, many states have told the federal government that they don’t care what Congress says, they will legalize the drug. So this fight that the radical left has opened up on the People is not over by a long shot.

H. R.1, which was passed out of the Congressional House of Representatives a few weeks ago would put into law all of the tactics that were used to invade our election in 2020. HCR-2023 reminds Congress that elections fall under state authority, and that H.R.1 is a serious infringement that the Arizona Legislature will oppose at every opportunity.

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