(AUDIO) Trump-Endorsed Mark Finchem’s New Radio Ad EXPOSES Ducey-endorsed “Democrat Plant” Beau Lane For Donating To Democrats And Fighting Against Election Integrity

Arizona State Representative and Trump-Endorsed Candidate for Secretary of State Mark Finchem has released new ads exposing “Democrat plant” Doug Ducey-endorsed Beau Lane.

The Arizona Primary Election is on August 2nd.

Finchem is the America First choice for Secretary of State. President Trump endorsed Mark Finchem because of “his incredibly powerful stance on the massive Voter Fraud that took place in the 2020 Presidential Election Scam.”

The Gateway Pundit recently reported that Mark Finchem leads all of his primary opponents in the polls. He just released new ads highlighting his Trump-Endorsement and strong stance on election integrity.

RINO Beau Lane came in with just 3% in the recent poll, and RINO Governor Doug Ducey, who certified the Fraudulent 2020 Election, is hoping to save him. This was Doug Ducey’s second endorsement for an America Last Democratic plant. Doug Ducey is undermining President Trump again by endorsing radical leftist “Republicans” to destroy Arizona.

Beau Lane has donated thousands of dollars to Democratic candidates in Arizona, and he is openly anti-election integrity, claiming the Stolen 2020 Election was free and fair. He has even praised a judge for siding with Katie Hobbs against Republicans suing to end unconstitutional mail-in voting and dropboxes.

Finchem sent the following press release exposing Democrat Beau Lane’s liberal record.

Election Alert. Democrat Plant Beau Lane is trying to fool Republican voters. Democrat plant Beau Lane can’t be trusted. Vote against Beau Lane. Beau Lane is a member of the Democrat-run Greater Phoenix Leadership Council


A generous Democrat donor who backed Democrat Greg Stanton, who voted to impeach President Trump twice and investigate patriotic Americans.

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