Arizona State Rep Mark Finchem Endorses Teddy Daniels for Upcoming U.S. House Run

Arizona State House Rep. Mark Finchem (R) is coming out with a major endorsement for a patriot and friend of his across the nation. As Arizona has been at the forefront of ballot integrity measures, called “voting restriction” by some radical left-wing Democrats who don’t think their voters can get IDs, Daniels has been supporting Arizona Republicans. 

Teddy Daniels, also aligned with Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano, has been pushing for audits of the 2020 election in Pennsylvania, such as has been done in Arizona. Although the Maricopa County, Arizona audit results have not yet been released, Democrat operatives are already running cover, by saying things like, “here’s why the votes may not match” and then offering an explanation other than voter fraud as to why the votes may not match after the audit results come out. Time will tell what happens with that situation indeed.

Meanwhile, Daniels is running as a Republican for U.S. Congress again in Pennsylvania, as he came very close the last time he ran and feels he has a solid chance next time. He took to Twitter to praise Finchem for the recent endorsement. Finchem himself is running for Arizona Secretary of State currently. 

Daniels tweeted a picture of the two of them captioned:

“I am honored to be endorsed by fellow police officer and election integrity fighter, Representative @RealMarkFinchem. Thank you, sir! “I am proud to endorse Teddy Daniels. Teddy has been on the front lines in standing with President Trump and also working to make an audit happen in Pennsylvania. He was one of our biggest supporters outside of Arizona when we were doing our forensic audit. I call on all patriots to get behind Teddy Daniels for Congress – we need him in the fight.” – AZ State Representative Mark Finchem”

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