Arizona Republic’s New Low: Slurs Popular GOP Secretary of State Candidate Mark Finchem

(Originally posted on Seeing Red AZ)

The old adage, ‘Never argue with a man who buys ink by the barrel’ was once considered a truism. Today we know that print newspapers are a dying breed. The far-left Arizona Republic definitely exemplifies that fact.  Its antics are increasingly desperate as we near the November General Election.

Its latest effort to bring down a popular Republican candidate falls into the category of reprehensible. Mark Finchem, a former four-term state legislator with credentials galore is currently running for Secretary of State. This is an important post, since the Arizona Constitution does not provide for a Lieutenant Governor and the line of succession passes through this office.  As these numbers attest, Finchem ran away with the Primary vote, trouncing all competitors by wide margins. This Meet the Candidate page is from the conservative Center for Arizona Policy Voter Guide.

Endorsed by former President Donald Trump, Finchem is regarded as worthy of degradation by the radically leftist newspaper, which took a leap into madness by describing Finchem as an “anti-Semite” after labeling him as an “election denier” didn’t work. It is a preposterous allegation based on Finchem calling out far-leftist, amoral George Soros. Soros has Jewish ancestry but isn’t aligned with the faith. He is an anti-religion Socialist who admitted (in this brief video) turning in his Jewish neighbors to the Nazis as a teenager, “with no sense of guilt.”

The newspaper, which once had a voice in elections, was forced to end its decades-long endorsement policy when subscriptions plummeted after it endorsed Hillary Clinton for U.S. President. It whiningly claimed it received “death threats,” following that absurd action. How a newspaper can be killed — other than by its own hand — is a preposterous assertion. It refuses to chastise democrat Fraidy Katie Hobbs, running for governor against Trump-endorsed Kari Lake. Hobbs is the only statewide democrat candidate who refused to debate their Republican opponent. With too many skeletons in her closet, including overt bigotry that resulted in massive fines, Hobbs even refused to debate her democrat primary election opponent.

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