Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem in Tennessee: Our Elections Have Been Open to Manipulation and for Much Longer Than We Knew

FRANKLIN, Tennessee — Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem (R-District 11) told a group of nearly 100 gathered in middle Tennessee that it has been revealed that our elections have been open to manipulation and for much longer than we knew, long before November 2020.

Finchem said that “while many might think it’s a curse, America has been given a gift.”

“Had the puppet masters not miscalculated in their manipulation of elections on such a massive scale, and had they not had such a bitter hatred for Donald J. Trump, we might never have known about the pervasive, systemic failures of election systems that we trusted to deliver free and fair elections. That, my friends, is the gift,” said Finchem.

Finchem is the Arizona House member who spearheaded the investigation into Maricopa County’s November 2020 election, which began with a 10 ½ hour hearing held on November 30, 2020, the video for which is remarkably still available on YouTube.

Finchem was invited to speak at the Nashville Sentinels‘ monthly meeting by member Wendi Mahoney who told the group during her introduction that she met Finchem while covering CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) for UncoverDC.

Middle Tennessee members of the General Assembly were invited to attend the event, given the attention that the issue of election integrity has received on both the state and national level. Two legislators able to attend were Rep. Scott Cepicky (R-Culleoka) and Sen. Jack Johnson (R-Franklin), who is also the Senate Republican leader.

Because of the hundreds of emails and phone calls Finchem received daily from November 4 on, he requested authorization to hold a public hearing on election integrity at the House of Representatives.

Finchem was never granted the authorization by Arizona’s Speaker of the House.

“Never.  To this day, not even acknowledged,” Finchem told the group.

As a result, Finchem and his colleagues decided to go off-site to give the public the hearing that they wanted and deserved.

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