Arizona Recall Effort of Rep. Mark Finchem Fails – Popular Lawmaker Can Now Focus on the Secretary of State Race

The recall effort for Rep. Mark Finchem fails.  Free speech lives in Arizona.  Finchem can now focus on the Secretary of State Race – Because God knows Arizona is ready for a person of integrity in that office.

In spite of official public records regarding the truth about Representative Finchem’s advocacy for our First Amendment rights, the so-called “Rural Arizonans for Accountability” group has persisted in promoting their baseless false claims. The lawsuit will come soon enough, but for now, we must protect this Legislative seat from people who are willing to lie to take power. First, they lied to the DOJ and FBI, then they lied to the compliant media, and now they are lying to the constituents of Legislative District 11. Lying has become the go-to tactic of the radical leftists. And then they hired BLM and ANTIFA workers to gather signatures. The organization is housed out of the Bolshevik hotbed of Tempe.

The truth is that I was in Washington DC to represent you and your interests in an election that was in controversy and at no time engaged in any unlawful activity. If I had, there would have been an investigation, but there is nothing to back up their fallacious claims,” says Rep. Finchem.

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