“Vast Right-wing Conspiracy” Returns

“Vast Right-wing Conspiracy” Returns

The fake news media once again demonstrates its failure to engage in what is commonly called investigative journalism.  Instead the so-called “reporters” are working overtime to construct that favorite go-to straw man, the “vast right-wing conspiracy theory,” made popular by Hillary Clinton while trying to explain Bill’s philandering.

Now the actors with a script -who have replaced reporters and journalists- of the legacy media industrial complex are peddling the story that “far right” and the far left are at each others throats, and that they are behind the violence that erupted in Charlottesville this past weekend.  There is one problem with that story, and if the actors had any knowledge of history they would find the “fake” in the fake story line.  Oh, the violence was real, and the acts of those involved deplorable, but there was no “far right” there.

The KKK is an organization that has been with the Democrats since it was formed up during the post-civil war reconstruction period.  As much as the Democrat party would like to distance itself from organizations like the KKK, they cannot because history does not change, only the communication of it does.  What we are seeing is two Democrat mobs fighting for control and narrative foundation.  Its hard to build a narrative without a bad guy, without bloodshed and without a victim.  The has Deep State PSYOP written all over it.

The Gateway Pundit (Caplan, 2017) reports, “White supremacist and ‘Unit the Right’ leader, Jason Kessler, was once reportedly a supporter of former President Obama and the Occupy movement.”  It is indeed interesting to see Kessler’s words, “unite the right”, as if he is somehow right.  This is clearly a PSYOP to impugn those of us who stand for the rule of law and civil rights.  Kessler’s fictitious association is more like a parasite barnacle on the side of a ship, useless and unwanted.

So what do we, as responsible Americans, do about this?  First, we condemn separatist groups that advocate violence, they have no place in our society!  We stand up with a voice to declare that we value diversity of thought, appearance and culture.  Most of us appreciate cultural differences, we don’t just tolerate them.

We must learn from history, not try to cover it up or obscure it by revision, or by removing the reminders of our uncivil past.  We must be diligent to teach our children about the mistakes, missteps and misuse of government in order to train them in the way they should go in order to create a more perfect union.

Finally, we prosecute those who advocate violence and engage in treason no matter who they are, no matter what position they occupy and no matter what they may have done in the past.  We reinforce states rights in order to retain power in the hands of the people and the government closest to them.


Caplan, J., (2017) “White Supremacist Leader in Charlottesville Jason Kessler Was Obama Supporter- Occupy Protester”, TheGatewaypundit.com 

Photo Credit, www.Washigtonian.com

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