There is a Reason Immigration Takes Time

There is a Reason Immigration Takes Time

Bill Whittle says what is on the minds of many.  The illegal alien, “immigration” topic is similar to electric generation windmills in Nantucket, known as NIMY.  The not in my back yard is an affliction of the hypocrite.  One who want you to do something they are not willing to do themselves.

We hear of the inability of our health care system [right here in Arizona] to provide care to the large number of poor and those who cannot pay.  That is why Medicaid -Obamacare- Expansion was passed in Arizona.  Now we face an even greater threat to our health care system, illegal aliens who bring disease to our land that we are not prepared to care for.

Add on top of this the immune systems of people in the united States of America are not the same as people coming from Honduras, or Guatemala, or Africa or Romania.  Elis Island in New York harbor existed to protect one population from another.  Time is needed to evaluate immigrants and their health status.  If they have a disease that would launch an epidemic in our nation, they must be quarantined until such time as their disease has run its course, or returned to their own nation of origin.

So when immigration activists speak of “no borders” and “open borders” I want them to publish their home address so the illegal entrants to our nation have a place to stay.  Only then will we find out just how committed to their cause they are.

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