Shut-down Show-down

People are eager to return to work after 4-weeks of government-imposed shut-down of business. Questions swirl around the briefing that Governor Ducey gave Arizonans yesterday (4/22/20) and how Arizona business and residents have been asked to sacrifice for the objective of improving public health. The statistical review made little mention of societal, economic, or social impacts of our States response to the CCP Virus.

It was clear that the original goal has been altered, from flattening the curve with focus on reducing pressure on critical care capacity, to reducing the number of deaths attributed to the CCP Virus.  

One size does not fit all, and the great state of Maricopa represents a small percentage of land area in Arizona. In fact, 12 of 15 counties in Arizona are not seeing anything like Maricopa County. Governor Ducey made that case that we have the capacity to open the vast majority of the state, namely 12 of 15 counties. We must strike a balance between public health and economic recovery from a catastrophic loss that will heave long lasting affects on all f society.

To focus singularly on public health, seemingly ignoring societal, economic and social impacts is short-sighted and does not serve the whilst needs of our communities and society. When all of these components are not aligned, and the compared with observable, real-world occurrence, e become myopic and focus on the wrong things. We cannot advocate for critical thinking and the use of empirical evidence, while at the same time ignore or discount the evidence in favor of a solution it points to.

We are not morally tainted for caring about the economy and working to restore economic security for every bread-winner to restore the opportunity for them to work. To say otherwise is the real tragedy of hypocrisy in our culture. Congressman Andy Biggs, Chairman of the Freedom Caucus has it right, but he seems to have been brushed aside, with his message of “get back to work safely” disregarded.

My constituents have a simple and crystal clear message, “ Personal responsibility solves this problem, the People have already adopted increased personal hygiene, hand washing, mask-coverings, social distancing, and the notion that one should stay at home when feeling ill, ala common sense. the People are not interested in surrendering their freedom for the so-called security of big government.

What is the difference between Dr. Anthony Fauci, on the government patrol for $385,000 and Bernie Madoff? many are beginning to ask, if he is grounded in reality, calling for an 180month economic shutdown. I wonder if he would be so ready to advocate for such a position if his salary were suddenly threatened by nearly every American in the private sector?

The subjective word-smithing of “safe” has for all intense and purposes turned the word meaningless. Safe now means anything that the user wants it to mean. Businesses that are now in shut down mode by order of many governors, even if they are following ALL of the elements defined as “safety measures” are still in shut-down, and still cannot be opened to engage in commercial intercourse, interstate or otherwise.

Media has created a culture of crisis, and a pandemic of panic. They own the hysteria that has been created and with now drives the thoughts and practices of otherwise critically thinking people. The discounting of UV-light, that destroys almost everything that is exposed to it, as a component solution shows that “the experts” don’t really seem to wan a solution. So why is that? Dr. Bruce Davidson, a pulmonary critical care physician has been ridiculed for a solution that is scaleable and makes sense. Dr. Ben Carson, M.D. has even called out those who attack simple solutions as “strange.”

The final point I wish to make is that the burden of proof is on the government to show that there is a need to close your business to protect public health, not on the business owner. If you are following the recommendations or requirements listed by “the government” that define “safe practice” then what is the purpose for interfering with your ability to earn a living?

For more on this, consider listening to they interview from April 23, 2020.

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