“Sanctuary City” Approval Prop 205 Defeated

“Sanctuary City” Approval Prop 205 Defeated

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Rep. Finchem Praises Tucsonans for Upholding State Law by Voting Down Sanctuary City Initiative

TUCSON, AZ- Fact-based critical thinking was on display last night with the defeat of City of Tucson Prop. 205. If the measure had passed, the City would have been forced to become a Sanctuary City, which would have restricted the actions of Tucson police officers regarding the determination of immigration status of those they had in custody for other crimes.

I am very pleased to see that reason won out over emotion, and that the voters, most of whom are Democrats, saw the measure for what it was. When we drain away the political animus and hyperbole about sanctuary city laws and focus on the people that they affect, the case becomes clear. While some politicians insist on classifying basically good people who have committed a civil offense, in the same group as dangerous convicted felons who ought to be deported, it is important for us to make a clear distinction.

The Sanctuary City initiative was defeated by a 71% to 29% margin according to the Pima elections records. This measure was not about protecting families since limited law enforcement resources have their hands full dealing with the violent felon element that hits behind basically good people who are present in the United States without legal status. Representative Finchem says, “I am relieved to see that the majority of Tucsonans, the majority of whom are Democrats and who clearly control the city’s political climate, saw through the fallacious argument that everyone in the illegal status community is at risk. The simple truth is that law enforcement is most interested in containing the threat of those who would murder, assault and steal from our communities.

Contrary to some Tucson politicos assertion that people felt threatened by State statutes that could hold back state shared revenue from political subdivisions that are in violation of Arizona Revised Statutes, it is clear that an overwhelming majority put pubic safety first, with only 29% of voters placing political agenda ahead of security safe streets and schools. Many of my Democrat friends voiced concern over such events as that which occurred across the border just north of La Mora, Sonora, Mexico, where the LeBarón family was attacked on a rural road in northern Mexico. Killed by at least one cartel were six children and three women, hours before the polls opened here in Tucson. My heart is broken for this family, and all of the others who are victimized by those who do not care about life.

Evil exists in this world, and it is a disservice to good people when we do not protect them from the evildoers. Legal status notwithstanding, good people deserve protection from those who kill, extort, maim, kidnap and force into sexual slavery. Thank you to the voters of Tucson for demonstrating sanity in a world gone insane.


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