Real Leadership for Veteran Medical Care

Real Leadership for Veteran Medical Care

After over 2-years of hearings and investigation I am pleased to announce that Governor Ducey agreed with the House and Senate signing HB-2513 into law. Titled “hyperbaric oxygen therapy; veterans; fund,” the law establishes a $25,000 seed money fund to assist with setting up the payment mechanism for veterans care.

KVOA, News 5 in Tucson ran a special report recently on what the treatment does, and the local provider title, “Arizona moves forward with hyperbaric oxygen treatment for veterans.”

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been experienced by many veterans, but the VA has only provided care for a very few physical injuries including diabetic neuropathies and burns care. It is important to note that many veterans have suffered over-pressure blast injuries, that while documented by the Department of Defense (DoD), they have not received treatment but drugs instead.

I am pleased to see that the philanthropic community is eager to partner with the state of Arizona to care for our veterans and lead the nation in improving the lives of these individuals who have given so much to our national security.

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