Programming Our Youth

Programming Our Youth

I received an odd email today that reminded me of an objective of the Fabian Socialists (yes they are in more places than ever today).  The text of the open e-mail letter seemed innocent to the casual eye, but in a moment of reflection I saw the ominous side of it, pointing to yet another indoctrination scheme cooked up by allegedly well-meaning adults, who want to capture our youth at an ever earlier age.

The Text:

Slick name, ominous prospects...

Slick name, ominous prospects…

Dear Out-of-School Time Supporter,

On Wednesday, August 3rd, Arizonans will begin casting their ballots in the 2016 Primary Election — the first step in determining who will lead Arizona, and set our policies and priorities for the next two years.


AzCASE asked candidates for the state Legislature to sign the Arizona Out-of-School Time Pledge, and signify their support for quality, accessible out-of-school time programming for all of Arizona’s youth. 


Today we are sharing with you the list of candidates who have so far signed the pledge– the 2016 Arizona Out-of-School Time Advocates. We thank these candidates for pledging their support for Arizona Out-of-School Time programs, their staffs, and the youth and families who depend on them. 
This election season, we encourage you to find out where the candidates stand. Let them, and other Arizona voters, know how important out-of-school time programming is to you, and to the future of Arizona.

Thank you for your continued support, and for all you do for youth.
Who could possibly object to after school “programs for excellence” for kids?  After all, they can’t just be left to be kids can they?  Why if they were left to be kids, they might actually think on their own and God forbid discover something on their own.
Socialism is like the roots of a thirsty tree, always searching for a way into the cool waters of liberty, first to take a sip, then to take it all.
If you doubt my description of the aforementioned I urge you to read “The Naked Communist” a book written by unabashedly communist W. Cleon Skousen.  For the condensed message click
You see, just because an organization has a slick logo and an appealing offer, doesn’t mean it is offering a wholesome, benevolent, even healthy opportunity.  The pitch is designed to draw you in like a carnival barker, only to add one more layer of social dependency on a system that is already bankrupt.
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