Paying for Improved Educational Outcomes

Paying for Improved Educational Outcomes

Arizona residents for the most part have made a statement that they are taxed enough already.  With voter initiatives that cap taxation and earmark what specific taxes will pay for point directly to the frustration level of tax payers.  I also believe we are taxed enough already.

It is one thing to claim that if elected one will improve education and restore reason to the legislature, it is another thing to pay for it.  Arizona is in debt and has a structural debt projected for FY 2016.

Improving educational outcomes for Arizona children is a high priority for me.  We will always have more priorities than resources, but this is one that we can’t let slip off the Priority List.  So the question of how to pay for education improvements becomes one more complex than a proposal to raise taxes or a reduction of other services as our opponents will surely advocate.

An alternative that I invite county governments, school boards, teacher unions and legislators to get behind is participation in the American Lands Council.  The essence of the work will be increasing the available funds for education, once the lands that were promised to Arizona in 1914 are given to Arizona with quite title.  And, not just the surface rights but the water, timber and mineral rights as well.

When eastern states lie New York are compared to Arizona, it is no wonder why we are not able to pay teacher more, and why government schools struggle to provide basic materials to learn.  When 97% or more of lands in New York are under private  ownership, and thus generating property tax, and on 17% of Arizona lands are in private hands the solution becomes crystal clear.

For more on this topic visit American Lands CouncilWestern Fault Line.  Consider that 50% of the proceeds from the sale of such lands goes to education, and the on-going revenue generation from mining, timber management and other natural resources will provide an expanded revenue stream to establish continued improvement in educational improvement funding.

I am a member of the American Lands Council.  Join me to help deliver a solution to Arizona education.

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