On Automatic Voter Registration

On Automatic Voter Registration

I have received hundreds of emails recently allegedly from knowledgable individuals.  Actually the emails are all identical in content.  Many of the people who I respond to had no idea the email was sent in their name.  In reality, these folks who registered with an entity were enrolled in an automatic email (spam) campaign.

I remain unconvinced that automatic voter registration is the answer to increased voter participation.  Until we address voter apathy we will not see increased participation.

I can think of no more certain way to corrupt the personal franchise for each legitimate voter in Arizona than to allow automatic voter registration. The states you list have significant numbers of illegal aliens registered to vote, who diminish the voice of legitimate American citizens.

While I appreciate the convenience and ease of automatic voter registration, I also appreciate the massive opportunity for fraud through misrepresentation. There are very few sacrosanct rights in America reserved for Americans, and since in Arizona the people hold as much power as the Legislature, protection of the voting franchise out weighs convenience.

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