Northwest Conservatives Response

Northwest Conservatives Response

Recently I was asked to provide my stand on several questions posed by the Northwest Conservatives.  There is an upcoming candidate forum at the Oro Valley Public Library in May where voters will have an opportunity to hear what candidates say and how the “show up”, as well as present an opportunity to meet each up close and personal.

Here are the questions I was asked to answer and my responses.

Describe what the word Conservative means to you.

I am a Conservative. Conservative is not just a label or a brand, it is a lifestyle. To be “conservative” means to conserve, to hold back some portion of. As a “Conservative” I have within me a strong reliance on traditional attitudes, values and the wisdom from the ages. I choose to live my life ethically, honestly in submission with natures God and natures law. I am cautious about alterations, change and innovation, relying on reason as opposed to emotion to evaluate what needs to experience change, if change is needed, how change will take place and who will suffer or benefit from change. To be conservative is to look beyond yourself, to our posterity and making sure that when my generation hands off the nation it is viable, vibrant and healthy for the next generation.

What will your top three priorities be when you are elected?

Repair our Public Education System including expansion of the School Voucher Program, making it easier for every student to qualify and have fully portable education funds; repeal of Common Core, restoring local school board control to structure, content and delivery.

Repeal Medicaid Expansion, refocus on what the disease is as opposed to treating symptoms. The alternative to Medicaid Expansion is JOBS. With more jobs we have less need for the expansion of Medicaid. I favor handing the entire Medicaid system back to the federal government and let HHS manage it from their budget. Arizona has already paid the federal government for the program; we should not pay again through a state program.

Regularly & vigorously assert state sovereignty. Repeal federal cooperative contracts that interfere with state sovereignty; all state and local jurisdiction must wean themselves off the federal highly addictive drug of “contract cooperation”. We receive back $5.00 for every $100 we pay to the federal government. That $5.00 is not worth surrendering our state sovereignty to a faceless, lawless, autocratic overlord.

In your opinion, what is the role of the Federal government in the everyday lives of Americans?

I am a Constitutionalist. The opinions of the US Supreme Court are just that, opinions. The States do have the option to nullify federal court opinions, executive orders and unconstitutional legislation. To safeguard justice, insure tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessing of liberty, only to the extent that the States and the people cannot. The federal government has a limited role and as such must be reduced in size and scope of responsibility.

In your opinion, what should the size & scope of Government be at the Federal, State & Local level?

As above, the role of the federal government is fully enumerated in our Constitution, to establish [emphasis on safeguard] justice, insure tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessing of liberty, only to the extent that the States and the people cannot. The federal government has a limited role and as such must be reduced in size and scope of responsibility.

Do you support legislation to limit the power of Federal regulators from expanding their reach over Property Rights and Energy (such as EPA and Department of Energy – Clean Water, Clean Air, etc.)?

I fully support the legislation that is currently in committee to apply the anti commandeering doctrine most recently expressed by the USSC in Mack/Prince -v- US. The federal government does not have the power or authority to voce states to pay for their whim and every desire, no matter what the justification may be.

Do you support the Second Amendment as it is written?

I am a Life Member of the NRA and an Oath Keeper, as such I am also by definition a Constitutionalist. The 2nd amendment is a brilliant writing, properly ordered in our Constitution and placed there to protect fundamental inalienable rights, rights that cannot be taken by anyone other than God himself. In a word, YES I support the 2nd Amendment as written.

Do you support Voter Integrity and Voter ID laws?

I fully support the prevention of disenfranchisement of legitimate voters. I support Voter Integrity legislation at all levels of electoral selection. It is through the consent of the governed that we agree to have an individual represent us. I an illegal alien votes and cancels out my vote, I have been by definition disenfranchised.

Will you support a balanced budget amendment to the US Constitution?

I support the Article V Convention to add a Balanced Budget Amendment. Should Obamacare be repealed in its entirety or only specific parts of it?

Yes, and completely. Government has no business in health care, as evidenced by their success with Medicare, Social Security and Medicaid.

Do you support or oppose the Dream Act? E-Verify? Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals?

I oppose the Dream Act. We have an immigration program, not enforcing it is not an option. I support e-Verify and it should be increased as a tool to protect American workers and American wages.

How would you change the Federal Income Tax structure?

I favor a consumption tax and the elimination of the IRS. Consolidating the 330 Million tax payers down to 50 (the states) is one way to place authority back where it belongs. With those who actually exchange a part of their life for a wage.

What is the government’s role in the creation of jobs?

To get out of the way. Too often both the well intentioned, and well financed special interests feel they need to drive government to pick winners and losers. Government does not make jobs because it does not produce a product or service. Dollars paid to government that are used to regulate, rob the private sector of financial resources needed to provide real jobs that produce a taxpayer sought-after product or service. Government must not be in the business of “job creation” because in the end, the only job that government can produce is a fake job.

Do you support Welfare Reform?

Yes, I support a means tested safety net for those who cannot care for themselves. More importantly I support empowerment of the charitable sector. The term “promote the general welfare” is a far cry different than provide welfare.I do not support “Gift-fare”. No where in our Constitutions does it mention that government should be an employer. I am left to believe that our founders encouraged the use of private businesses to provide needed services to all levels of government directed at the point of need, when needed and no more.

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