My Vision of Governance and Government

My Vision of Governance and Government

As a candidate for the Arizona House of Representatives (LD-11), I am asked often, “what is your vision, your philosophy on government?”  While simple words come to mind like personal responsibility, social responsibility, fiscal responsibility, limited government free market economics come to mind, they seem more like bullet points, or sound bites.  Sound bites become labels quickly.

My highest level thought on government is this;

Government, should be no more than that which is absolutely necessary to carry out the mission of governance, and no less than that which meets its objective.

Governance was never intended to be complicated.  At our founding we indeed had it right when the framers of our Constitution modeled our government to be a collection of small states, serving the interests of constituents locally. States that would give a small bit of their power to a common body outside of themselves for common defense and to promote the common welfare of the states.  Henry David Thoreau wrote, “That government is best which, governs least, because its people disciplining themselves.”

To describe governance another way, my “vision” is grounded in personal freedom, economic freedom and the freedom offered when one has no debt.  This sounds simple enough, but I’m compelled to be clear:

Personal Freedom is the endowment by God to each of us to live in the manner we wish, under the faith we choose and cherish, and with those we care for.  The key is we don’t have the right to infringe or interfere with another and their exercise of person freedom.  We have the right to free speech, freedom to associate with those we wish, the right to be secure in our homes and to have privacy.  Government does not have the right to intrude into our lives, our papers, our emails, our books our work, or any corner of life where we are not infringing on another.

Economic Freedom is another natural right to choose to spend my time, talent, resources and/or the fruits of my exchange of time, talent, resources for currency.  If I want to buy a product or service, I get to make that choice, not someone else.  My choice not to buy a product or service is rooted in my decision about need versus desire.  I get to make the call on value and whether or not I want to exchange my time, talent, resources or currency for the object of my consideration.

Living Debt Free is one of the most liberating stands in my life.  It takes work and discipline to experience a debt free future.  When there is payment due, of any kind, we are under pressure to meet that obligation.  But, when there is no debt, the pressure, and anxiety associated with making another payment is gone.  Dave Ramsey, the personal finance author, has labeled his mission “Financial Peace University”, a course designed to help people live debt free.  Peace is what you experience when your wage does not go to payoff debt.

When our government borrows over 40 cents of every dollar, we have a spending problem.  And, representatives who deny that we do, have a warped idea of sound economic policy.  Living within one’s means offers true freedom.  Today each American has a portion of federal public debt in excess of $50,000.  Combined with college education debt, our next generation of leaders is already as much as $100,000 “in the hole”.  Yet, individuals who don’t seem to know what financial responsibility means, keep us all on an unsustainable course, accruing debt at an ever escalating pace.

If these core beliefs somehow make me a threat to people like Carl levin, Elijah Cummings, Lois Lerner and even Barak Obama, then so be it.  Tyrants fear freedom because it limits their power.  If you subscribe to this vision, then congratulations, you’re part of a movement in America that is driving toward restoration and pursuit of the American Dream.

I am a Pima County TEA Party member and I invite you to do your own research.  My views above are shared by many.  My thoughts & position descriptions above are influenced and aligned with materials like the The 5000 Year Leap, a book by W. Cleon Skousen, Don’t Hurt People; And Don’t Take Their Stuff, a book by Matt Kibbe, and tax payer representation groups like TEA Party Patriots.  That’s what happens when people have a shared vision.

Visit and see what the Washington DC establishment fears most, information and common sense.

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