Mandatory Mail-in Ballots?

Published in The Western Journal April 27, 2020

Much has been made of the need for mandatory mail-in voting. It is an attempt to force Arizonans, indeed all Americans, to vote in a less secure manner. This is just one example of how voters lose their voice by mailing in their ballots. Mail was taken from rural mailboxes in 2018 and discarded along the road. It appears that someone was looking for checks to steal.

Photo Credit: Bill Kerr

The yellow envelopes you see are Maricopa County ballots that have been completed and were placed in private mailboxes on their way in to the Maricopa County Elections Office be counted. The mail was collected by a good citizen and cataloged before delivering it to the post office.

Photo Credit: Bill Kerr

While some Recorders (elected) and some Elections Directors (unelected) seek a more efficient, lower cost means to process the voting preferences of the People, there are problems with forcing voters to vote by mail. If we can agree that a “flaw” means the failure of a ballot to make it through the system full circle, from delivery to the voter and return delivery to the County Recorders possession for counting, then we must also concede that the system has many flaws.

The United States Postal Service (USPS) has itself reported that over 1.6 Million ballots were not counted because they were not delivered in 2016 and 2018. There is no reason to depend wholly on an unreliable intermediary to carry such an important message. Depending on a system that has been shown to be flawed in many areas of the nation is unacceptable.

In-person voting is not dead yet. Many voters on the PEVL (permanent early voting list) in Arizona, receive their ballotin the mail, complete it at home and then travel to their polling place on voting day to personally deliver their ballot. This is one sure way of having your vote count.

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