Judge Jeanine Pirro – What Did Obama Know?

The people of Arizona, and the nation, have been lied to.  If the deception occurred in the private sector in say real estate, insurance or the banking industry, the charges would go beyond civil and enter into the criminal code.  It is time for the vigorous assertion of the 10th Amendment by the Arizona Legislature and Attorney General to exempt the people of Arizona from ObamaCare, who are now victims of what may well be the largest ongoing criminal enterprise ever devised.

As victims of the lack of fiduciary responsibility and the perpetration of fraud, it is time for us to call for the examination of the prosecution of officials in the Arizona Superior Court System, who knew or should have known that their actions would lead to the collapse of promised benefits, namely that we would be able to keep our preferred physician and our preferred healthcare insurance plans.

Judge Jeanie Pirro has nailed the issue squarely on its head.  We are the victims of fraud on the grandest of all scale.

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