Endorsements a Vote of Confidence

Endorsements a Vote of Confidence

As endorsements mount for my re-election I am given pause to consider that my positions reflect the concerns, wishes and priorities of the LD-11 constituency.  I’ve learned of the following endorsements over the last few weeks giving me encouragement that the cultural values I stand for align well with what my constituents want done.

Job Creator endorsements:

  • Southern Arizona Home Builders Association (SAHBA),
  • National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB),
  • Arizona Mining Association (AMA)
  • Arizona Trucking Association (ATA)

Public Safety endorsements:

  • Arizona State Lodge of he Fraternal Order of Police (AZFOP)
  • Arizona Police Officers Association “Freshman of the Year” Award
  • National Rifle Association “A” Rating

Civic Leadership endorsements:

  • The Arizona Family Project “2015 Friend of the Family”, and
  • The Arizona Family Project “2016 Friend of the Family”,
  • American Conservative Union “Conservative Excellence”,
  • American’s For Prosperity “2015 Champion of the Taxpayer”.

Professional Association:

  • Arizona Mining Association “2016 Friend of Mining”
  • The Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce

Cultural values of safe streets & secure homes, highly performing schools, effective & efficient government services, personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future are what most constituents have told me they want.

Constituents on both sides of the issues have voiced their desire to have the freedom to believe, the freedom to speak openly about their beliefs, to make choices on goods and services from where to shop for food and education, to homes and the car they will drive.  American’s value choice in every corner of their lives and it is our job to see to it they have the freedom to choose.


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