Defense of Natural Marriage

Defense of the 4,000 plus year definition of “marriage” is foundational to American culture.  Other relationships as loving as they may be are not marriage.  In the words of Dr. Ben Carson, MD, “We don’t get to arbitrarily redefine words.”  I agree, especially those with long standing meaning that are tied to religious significance and right.Defense of Natural Marriage

While there is a agenda to call right wrong and lightness darkness, there is also a long history of definition.  The argument is not with me, but with God and God’s word.  Authority by it’s very nature is convicting.  Messengers can fall victim to the majority mob rule when an agenda is moved forward, but the attack is more appropriately directed at the source not the messenger.

Consider what tradition brings to our lives (stability, definition, foundation) and when tradition is thrown away, it is not the fault of the messenger, but the message.

“The eyes of the Lord watch over those who speak his word.” 1 Peter 3:12


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