Christians a Threat to National Security?

Christians a Threat to National Security?

According to Breitbart News, “The Iranian government views evangelical Christians as a threat to national security and has imprisoned some of them for up to 8 years, according to a UN report. The report on the human rights situation in Iran also says that things have not improved for the country’s religious minorities since the election of President Hassan Rouhani last year.”

I suppose it depends on how you define national security.  The last time I checked there have been no airliners filled with passengers flown into buildings by angry Evangelical Christians.  I also don’t recall a story of any Evangelical Christians with bombs strapped to themselves or little children with the intent to damage, maim and kill whoever or whatever is nearby when detonated.

But there have been hundreds of believers who have been crucified [yes in todays modern world where the President Barak Obama talks of his fondness of Islam] in a number of middle-eastern countries.  Why are Evangelical Christians a threat?  Because they speak openly of their faith in God’s grace and Jesus Christ’s sacrifice.  Because they speak out against the abuse of women and children by men who seem to have no respect for the precious nature of life.

So the Iranian threat assessment must read something like this, “The government of Iran and its clerical leaders are afraid of the God of Abraham, made man in the form of Jesus Christ, who’s arrival was prophesied for hundreds of years [clearly a conspiracy and long standing, ongoing criminal enterprise] leading up to his arrival; Jesus Christ, a man who was crucified and died for the wrong doings of all men and women, and who would accept his sacrifice as a substitute for their acts against God and man.  Evangelical Christian followers of the Christ are just as dangerous because they talk about it.”

I suppose the wrath of God would be something to fear.

Oh, and let us not forget the Evangelical Christians are also on the US Department of Home Land Security’s “Watch List”.

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