Can Values Voters Seize Control of Their Government?

Can Values Voters Seize Control of Their Government?

The article below is reprinted in it’s entirety from WND because it is spot on analysis, it points to the serious problem we, the value voters have at hand.

The establishment GOP will not listen to the grass roots, values voters.  Why?  Because the GOP establishment actually believes it was their work that won the election for conservative Republicans November 2014.  What the GOP is missing is the votes for principled representation were not for “go-along to get-along” power brokering.

In my humble opinion, after the Christmas holiday values voting, conservative principled Americans need to begin the process of pulling together, to build our ranks to take on the Bushucites, Bohnercites and the Roveites.  If we expect the GOP establishment to do anything about the mess that we are now in, we are in denial.  They have 2 years to prove me wrong, or they will suffer the same lick’ins the liberal Democrats just took.  I believe they have no intention whatsoever of repealing Obamacare, EPA abuse of power, IRS abuse of power, Common Core and the many other disasters we have suffered through.  Its about power, not about people.

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2016 nightmare: Bush vs. Clinton

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Now that Thanksgiving is past and we’re just a month away from the beginning of 2015, it’s time for America to consider its political future.

I know many are still basking in the repudiation of Barack Obama and the Democratic Party in the 2014 midterm election, but it’s time to look forward.

The 2016 presidential election, perhaps the last chance to undo the “fundamental transformation” of the country, is around the proverbial corner.

What are we likely looking at as the choice?

Bush vs. Clinton.

No kidding. This is not a bad joke. That’s how the political game is rigged right now by the two major political parties. It’s not an inevitability, but it’s the best bet based on the way the political establishments of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party have manipulated the process.

Mitt Romney didn’t just fail to beat Obama in 2012. He also led an effort to rig the 2016 Republican nomination to ensure someone like him would be picked as the GOP nominee. Right now, the odds-on favorite is Jeb Bush – or Chris Christie or maybe even Romney, again.

Can you imagine how bad that would be for America?

Just when it’s critical that the Republican Party, the only viable alternative to the Democrats’ Insane Clown Posse, be strong, bold, innovative, with an eye to redefining itself in the way Ronald Reagan did, it’s drifting along in business-as-usual mode.

The House speaker is John Boehner.

The Senate majority leader is Mitch McConnell.

The presidential nominee is likely to be a Bush or a Christie or a Romney, when it should be a Rand Paul, a Ben Carson, a Ted Cruz or a Mike Huckabee.

There’s only one thing that can change that – very, very hard work by grass-roots activists starting now. And maybe one other thing: The need for one or more of these worthy, anti-establishment candidates to put their own ego in check in favor of the best interests of the country.

Maybe some group of influential Americans who want to restore the country to greatness can get these four worthy men in a room somewhere and winnow down the anti-establishment candidates to just one or two. Otherwise, the primary process, as it has been set up by the establishment, just won’t support a good outcome.

I don’t consider myself wise enough to choose between these four men. There are too many variables. But four good candidates will spread the vote too thin – leaving someone like Jeb Bush to win. That’s the way it looks to me.

What that means will spell disaster for the country.

Do you really think President Jeb Bush, House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are capable and willing to roll back the damage inflicted by eight years of Barack Obama?

No way!

That’s why it’s important for grass-roots activists to engage immediately.

I would be happy with any one of the four – Paul, Carson, Cruz or Huckabee. There’s a lot of talent on the Republican bench. The problem is the “coaches” just won’t play them.

It will take a political miracle to get any of them selected under the rules set forth by Romney, Karl Rove and the other GOP establishment “experts.” They are feeling empowered and energized by the results of 2014. They think they were responsible for the big Republican gains in the House and Senate.

So it’s time to get busy. They are.

If left to inertia, it’s going to be Bush vs. Clinton in 2016, again.

That’s not a choice. It’s a sentence for America.

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